Michigan State Spartans vs Baylor Bears

Sure, the college football playoff is gonna take away a little bit of the fire New Year’s Day, however we all still love our conference battles which are staged in the remaining bowl games. That opinion couldn’t be more magnified than by this years Goodyear Cotton Bowl. We will be seeing number five Baylor pitted against no. 8 Michigan State.


The Bears took out Kansas State with a 38-27 victory on saturday, sealing the deal on a 11-1 record, culminating in a tie with TCU to stand at the pinnacle of the Big 12. Michigan State downed the Horned Frogs giving the team the ultimate confidence and assuredness of their lofty bid into the playoffs.

Don’t Overlook This Quarterback battle

It’s no doubt that the everybody will be dreaming about the quarterback matchup of the Rose Bowl between jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota but the war between Bryce petty and Connor Cook will be setting off the fireworks in their own right.

In a display of the Big Ten’s best, the Bears will certainly show the world that they have more than enough reasons to be playing in a big playoff game. The Spartans are simply looking for another defining win to add to an already stellar reputation in being the Big Ten’s chosen ones. When you weigh in the savagely-paced offense of Baylor against the domineering and bruising defense of the Spartans, the Cotton bowl has seriously got more than enough epic gusto and thematic scenarios to prove itself as one of the best games all year long.


Will we see the Bears with their heads down to the playoff committee? Or will the Spartans walk off the field with a in a blaze of glory?

Will the Chemistry of the Conferences Play a Role?

The bottom line, the defense of Michigan state simply puts up more muscle than Baylor(4.7 yards vs the Bears 5.1), but one of the central elements involved here are the conferences and the style of play that each team works.

The only way to best imagine how this baby is going to turn out is that it is going to be a thrilling shootout, regardless of who comes out on top and in the end this may very well turn out to be one of the best games of the season.

This has the feeling of the last possession at the last minute type of game and do we all love those types of games?…..We think so.